Press therapy (lymph drainage). What is it? What solves the problem?
Press therapy (also called lymph drainage massage or compression therapy) - a procedure compression therapy equipment, which is entering into a vibrating pressure waves triggered by a common lymph circulation in the desired area (usually the legs and abdomen) and literally displace the lymph from the periphery to the majors lymphatic and blood vessels. It is adjusted to body shape, reduce cellulite, removable swelling, improve blood circulation. Lymph drainage stimulates the excretion of fluids from the body, reduces puffiness and swelling.


Press therapy is suitable for all ages for both men and women:
• press therapy treats cellulite. Ideal to combine together with the body in a vacuum massage: This runs superficial layer of the skin, more designed to activate blood circulation and the press therapy works much deeper thus dislodged together and lymph;
• Can be combined together with lipokavitavcija press therapy allows to achieve much better performance might want to adjust the body shape. Lipokavitacijos torn during the fat cells are much more easily released through press therapy;
• It also stimulates blood flow, making it particularly suitable for people with legs
• This procedure removes leg swelling, swelling, or simply fatigue. After a long day at work she relaxes tired legs and gives a "light leg" sensation;
• press therapy is also very effective in the event of lymphatic stasis in the hands or legs after injuries, operations;
• Perfectly suitable even for women who have varicose veins problems.

The course of treatment

• 10 -12 procedures 2 - 3 times per week to remove swelling of the feet;
• Seeking to adjust the number of body contouring procedures selected individually.


Press therapy even after a single procedure greatly reduces the volume of the legs, and adorn them easier. The effect is generally seen already immediately after the procedure.
Lipokavitacija + lymph drainage. What is it? What solves the problem?
Lipokavitacija (cavitation) - This is the destruction of adipose tissue with ultrasound. It is a safe, effective and painless method for improving body lines, and especially suitable for thin out those parts of the body from which the adipose tissue melts extremely difficult and slow. The procedure is performed with a professional lipokavitacijos machine CAVIT 2G (Italy, multi Cavitations device emits 29-31 KHz).


Can treat all types of cellulite and fat deposits. Recommended treatment areas: hips and thighs, buttocks, legs, waist, arms, abdominal area.

The course of treatment

Treatment sessions of points determined by each patient's fat heaps and the effectiveness of therapeutic procedures specific case.
• 8-10 sessions with a small localized cellulite or fat deposits,
• 10-25 sessions with severe cellulite and fat deposits associated with being overweight.
Alima perform no more than 2 treatment sessions per week. The body needs 3-4 days between sessions liberated fat removed.
Treatment with the method described in one procedure can permanently remove a few dozen cm 3 fatty tissue from the local target location. In addition, exercising regularly and in accordance with a healthy diet and never nepersivalgant possible without hunger lose 2-4 kg of excess weight in a month.


Photoepilation is currently seen as the most convenient, efficient and safest way of removing unwanted hair. This high frequency light pulse is the destruction of the hair follicle. The light energy is absorbed by the dark parts of the follicle, so the surrounding tissue remains intact. So a light pulse running the same reason, ie, destroys the hair follicle. The only way to remove unwanted hair permanently.
Human hair has three phases - growth, decline and tranquility. Only the hair growth phase period is increased above the skin. In other phases of decline and fall, and its bulb is resting deep under the skin. It is important that photoepilation hair state is done growing, that is when he is not about to let bulb. We also want to note that only works Photoepilation dark hair. Ideally, if the hair is about 1-2 mm. length. Blonde hair can be affected when combined together with waxing, ie, primarily eradicated nap and then performed photoepilation.
Photoepilation is performed in the Machine "RECORD 618. It's a convenient and fast procedure: one pulse affects 7.5 sq. cm. After two weeks, the hair falls out in the affected area. Treatment results are individual and may depend on the characteristics of hair growth. The aim of treatment is to reduce or completely eliminate the re-growth of hair.
Recommended procedures of points
In order to completely destroy the hair, photoepilation need to repeat 5-10 times in every 3 weeks.